Spend management, Analytics, V-logistics

Leverage our 3-dimensional core expertise to transform and sustain your business competitiveness.

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Transforming Data into Value and Actionable intelligence

Developing and managing the total virtual logistics to support business needs

Identify, Analyze and generate spend intelligence

Hyve Management System (HMS)

Consulting Firm Overview

Hyve Management Systems is an integrated business consulting firm that provides 3-critical and essential ingredients that drives businesses towards a sustainable and profitable path; they are Spend Management, V-logistics and Data Analytics.

We triangulate these key services in every business engagement to provide our cherished clients with the multi-dimensional approach required in consolidating their bottom-line. Our approach unleashes the power of data analytics through research into the problem area with the complement of the right information technology to generate the synergy required to make spend and policy decisions. That is why we tag ourselves with ‘driving sustainable business solutions with data and science.’

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Elevate the Culture of Feedback in order to remain competitive


Use to derive the value and obtain actionable intelligence to drive your decision making processes towards an achievable results.


Core feature that administers a single question to customers and enables the client to segment the customer base into promoters, neutrals and detractors.


This is integrated into the NPS to track and evaluate customers' opinions about specific products and services of the organization.


Leverage your Customers’ Emotional Intelligence for Improved Services

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Send your Feedback in 30 - Seconds

Keep and Grow
Your Client Base with Dignity

Restore, Sustain and Enrich the Dignity of your Clients with Q-net Queue Management System

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Generate Actionable Spend Intelligence to drive your sourcing decisions and :